"Cats require purity and simplicity." — SEM

   This website is my gift to you, dear reader, in honor of SEM, one very fine cat who died of CRF in 2001. SEM died two months before his 20th birthday, two days before 9/11. We miss him.


   I created this site because I would have welcomed one like it when we were struggling with SEM's constipation. Not only have I learned more since then but there is more available to learn, available to us all.

   My wish is to make information about gut health and constipation in cats accessible in a manner that leads to understanding. In my experience, understanding how things work helps us to help our cats better. I hope you will agree and that your sweet cats benefit.

  This website is not written by a veterinarian or a medical expert but

by me, a regular person. I am not an expert and there is always more to learn.

   If your cat is constipated, struggling to poop or not pooping or showing signs of digestive or bowel problems, your cat should see your vet now. You can read later, once the crisis is past, once your cat's distress is relieved and you can concentrate.

   Please do return when you can to read the information offered here, or read on now if all is currently well in your house. In case you missed the website entry points above, below is another doorbell. Welcome!